Teeth Whitening in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire

With age, teeth naturally darken and discolour. Smoking, red wine, tea and coffee will further stain natural white bright teeth. Much Hadham Dental Care provides safe and convenient teeth whitening in Much Hadham, Ware and Bishop’s Stratford. Our treatment effectively lightens your teeth’s natural colour without removing your teeth’s outermost surface.

Modern teeth whitening techniques and procedures are a safe, simple and successful way to lighten the colour of your teeth, to restore that natural youthful brightness.

Before & After Teeth Whitening

Before Teeth Whitening
After Teeth Whitening

Whitening can be achieved in the comfort of your home. Custom made whitening trays are created after taking an impression of your mouth. We will check the fit of the trays and demonstrate how to carry out the whitening procedure at home.

Whitening gel is placed in the trays which is worn whilst asleep or for a short time every day.

Result will be visible with in 2 week, however all patients differ greatly due to tooth colour and enamel thickness. We will therefore recommend your personal duration for whitening.

Tooth coloured fillings and crowns will not lighten with this whitening treatment.

Temporary effects after the whitening treatment may be sensitive to hot and cold food and drink for a few days.

A brighter whiter smile can be safely achieved using home whitening with amazing results. Our patients from Much Hadham, Ware, Bishops Stortford and other local Hertfordshire villages have all reported improvement with their smiles.

Before and After Pictures of Whitening Treatment