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Cosmetic Dentistry In Much Hadham, Hertfordshire

We offer a range of modern dental treatments to help improve the appearance of your smile.
White fillings

Traditional silver amalgam fillings leak and corrode over a period of time. This generally gives a tooth an unsightly black / grey appearance. Composite ‘white’ fillings are very popular for their aesthetic and health value. White fillings are completely amalgam-free, they match the colour of the natural teeth.

The benefits of composite ‘white’ fillings

  • Aesthetics: Unlike amalgam (silver) fillings, composite fillings looks like your natural tooth. The colour blends to match the colour to your natural teeth.
  • Support: Composite fillings bonds with the tooth structure, it offers support to a tooth weakened by decay. Therefore much less tooth needs to be removed in order to place the composite filling as compared to an amalgam filling that needs a mechanical undercuts to stay in place. Best to preserve as much tooth structure as possible for future restorations.
  • Durability: Modern composite fillings are more durable. They are also now more resistant to fractures.
  • Versatility: Composite filling are used to repair broken, worn and chipped teeth.
  • Thermal stresses: Composite filling have better insulation qualities and offer more protection from destructive temperature swings, unlike amalgam fillings that expands and contracts when exposed to hot and cold food/drinks, that can lead to cracks appearing in teeth.

If you have a disoloured filling that are visible when smiling, you may like to change it. We can safely replace your old metal fillings with white fillings that will blend more naturally with your tooth colour.

Before & After Composite Fillings

Before Composite Fillings
After Composite Fillings


A crown is an artificial protective cover that fits over the remaining part of a damage or broken tooth. The crown makes the tooth strong again and gives it the shape of a natural tooth.

Crowns are used to repair damaged teeth and protect weak teeth. A crown is often the final solution where the damage is too extensive to be repaired by a simple filling. The tooth is carefully prepared by removing the weak or damaged parts. The crown is then bonded to the remaining tooth to repair the tooth to its original state.

Crown can be crafted from gold, metal alloy or all ceramic material that are completely natural in appearance.

Before & After Crowns

Before Crowns
After Crowns


A veneer is a thin, beautifully custom crafted piece of porcelain which is bonded to the front surface of a tooth. Veneers provide a rapid solution to reshape teeth, widen and brighten teeth and to hide chipped, mis-shaped and crooked teeth.

Veneer are ideal if you have small, oddly shaped, spaced or disoloured teeth. Please ask your dentist to provide you with more detailed advice about veneers.

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